What We Do

As private professional fiduciaries, we carry out your directions for your estate.  Whether we are chosen in advance by our clients or through court appointment, we serve as Administrators, Conservators, and Trustees to ensure that our clients have the best possible care when they can no longer care for themselves and that their final wishes are carried to completion.

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Who We Are

We all come from somewhere. As for us, we have all come from previous careers and occupations and have chosen to bring our experience, skills, and talents together in part because we enjoy each other and love what we do. We love our families and we know you love yours. Our priority is our family and your family is our business.

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The Next Step

We would love to meet with you directly to determine how Fiduciary World can be part of your family’s plan for the future.

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An estate plan can protect your loved ones, minimize tax spending, provide you with the proper health care treatment and determine who will receive your inheritance.

Recognizing that the care of the Client is a prime responsibility, the Professional Fiduciary shall provide services with respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each Client.  The Fiduciary shall not engage in any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or any other condition or […]