What do you do?

We serve as Administrators, Conservators, and Trustees for families and individuals either as named agents in an estate plan (Trust or Will) or under court appointment when circumstances require intervention.

We are private fiduciaries licensed with the State of CA, Department of Consumer Affairs.

Why do I need a private fiduciary?

While it is common to choose a child or trusted friend to put into action the decisions you have made in your estate plan, consider for just a moment what you are asking them to do:

  • File all required notifications for creditors, beneficiaries, and any interested parties;
  • Identify all cash and investment assets in financial institutions, keep them safe, then distribute them according to the estate plan;
  • Settle all debts, liens, mortgages, close all credit accounts, keep everything insured until successfully distributed;
  • Understand tax implications of pensions, IRAs, capital gains, and real property so the estate doesn’t suffer unnecessary expense;
  • Follow the specific directives outlined in the estate plan no matter who makes claims or assertions on your things (mom said I could have that – or – dad always said he wanted me to keep this)
  • Prepare an accounting of all activity of the estate (all income, expenses, gifts, distributions, sales of assets, conversion of investments, and the appraised value on every item from personal affects to real property);
  • Assume the responsibility for your estate in full including the potential personal liability to restore the estate or its beneficiaries if there are losses due to theft, oversight, or accident;

This is just an overview of an average household. This can become more complex If there is out of state property, a family business, or siblings, family, or beneficiaries that disagree on any portion of your estate plan.

The right independent and objective agent is better equipped to handle these things. It also allows families the time and space to grieve the loss of a parent or loved one.

How much does this cost?

Contact us for details about our pricing and services.

Do you do estate planning, trusts, or wills?

We do not provide estate planning services – we execute your estate plan exactly as you have set it out when the time comes.

Who should I use to set up my estate plan?

Please consider the value of a professional estate planning attorney in this process. The adage, “you get what you pay for” is especially true for complex documents and plans that define and distribute your entire estate. The cost of setting up a proper estate plan (Will, Trust, or Special Needs Trust) is minimal compared to the peace of mind you will receive knowing that everything you have worked for will be there to work for you and then be passed on according to your wishes. We have a number of qualified and respected firms that we work with and would be happy to provide you with a referral upon request (FORM LINK).

How do I add you into my estate planning documents (Will, Trust, Power of Attorney)?

Meet with us to determine that we are the best fit for your needs. Then call your attorney and tell them you would like to update your estate plan with a private fiduciary. We can meet with you and your attorney or they can contact us directly. They will provide the proper language for your plan according to what you want to happen.